Do you have the drive to disrupt the fashion industry? Join us and build the fashion company of the future!
Belaqise is a high tech fashion start up. Being a young and growing business means that every individual working for us or with us has a profound impact on our business. At Belaqise we are always on the lookout for driven perfectionists who do things the unconventional way. In the application process, we care about CVs but we are not obsessed; we are interested to meet you and to explore whether there is a mutual click. Within the company we have a team structure and we maintain the same closely knit network of relationships with our suppliers and clients. Being able to move fast and to work well with others is key to our success.

Our Core Belief

If you would hear the name of any recognizable company, you would immediately think about the products or services it sells. We think that shouldn’t be the case. We believe that a company should first and foremost be defined by its principles and conduct. As a result, our values and mission are more than a nice slogan on the walls; we live by them.

Our values

  • When we speak, we are honest;
  • We promise what we can deliver and we deliver what we promise;
  • When we are offered responsibility, we take it and we take care;
  • When we are upset, we contain ourselves;
  • In all our activities we make sure that we do not damage our planet beyond its capacity to recover.

Our Mission

Our mission is to innovate, produce and deliver honest and useful products and services against a fair price. 

Career Development

Our approach to career development is geared towards matching challenges and responsibilities with individuals. This means that not everyone has to become a manager in order to get status and excellent pay. High productivity is rewarded, low productivity is not tolerated.


Our culture can best be described as ‘hard working, honourable and respectful, informal and non-pretentious’. In addition, our perks are competitive.