About Belaqise

The Brand

Belaqise is a fashion brand for women looking for a sophisticated and fashionable look..Belaqise is inspired by the ancient Queen of Sheba. This royal was praised for her beauty, strength and intelligence. She brought prosperity and peace to her people and she ruled with wisdom and grace. During her life, she stayed close to her feminity, yet she remained undoubted among her cabinet of male ministers.

Just like her, the Belaqise woman carries herself seemingly effortless and with dignity and elegance through her busy life. She understands fashion and she has a refined taste. She loves to dress feminine without being trashy and luxurious without being loud. The Belaqise woman enjoys shopping and she takes her time to find the right piece. Given her busy life, she looks for elegance, luxury and sophistication without compromising on comfort. Going into business meetings, having lunch with friends or playing with her children, her outfits always are appropriate and comfortable; they look good and feel great.

At Belaqise we think it is important to make garments that people want. We take great pride in our dedication to the perfection of designs, our commitment to great fit and our relentless search for the best suitable fabrics and materials. What we are most proud of, however, is the fact that we offer our garments against a fair price. We feel good about the fact that our customer get a lot of value for their money.


Belaqise aims to innovate the fashion business. With this label we introduce a new size standard we call Sheyp. We felt the need to develop a new standard because the existing standards such as the ‘ S, M, L…’  or ‘ 32, 34, 36…’  sizes are simply not well tailored to modern woman. As a result, women are adjusting to the garments instead of the other way around. With Sheyp, we introduce a superior fitting standard which flatters the woman of today and celebrates her natural shape and beauty. In addition, we believe that shopping should be fun  and should make women feel good. Our Sheyp system makes it easier to find beautiful garments which fit great! As a result of the Sheyp system, our customers can avoid the frustration of finding beautiful garments which do not fit well.  In addition, the sizes are non-judgemental; we don’t think of women as being Small, Medium or Large, we think they are naturally beautiful woman just as they are. It is our task to make the garments flattering and well fitted.  If you would like to read more please click here.

Corporate Governance

Throughout our supply chain we acknowledge that we cannot control all aspects and players. As a result, we invest a substantial part of our resources in researching and monitoring our activities throughout the world to ensure that we do not damage the planet beyond its capacity to recover.


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